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Supplementary stats: Moral positions and voting: RCs vs. Evangelicals: Whites, Latinos, Blacks

Supplementary stats: RCs vs. Evangelicals: Whites, Latinos, Blacks

Faced with the overwhelming and consistent evidence that Catholics overall are liberal in contrast with evangelicals,  an unsubstantiated  assertion was made by a RC on a forum (which i responded to) that there were more prolife Catholics in numbers than evangelicals. Which would not change the fact of that Catholics are liberal, but it would relate to the impact. Of course, another RC poster charged evangelicals with losing the 2012 Pres. election because some did not vote, and 21% voted Democrat, which still left them as being the most conservative voter group.

Another post expressed that Latino/Hispanics were not likely to be pro abortion, and invoked the Black (African American) vote to impugn how evangelicals voted.

See here for statistics on these issues and much more,  which this compilation supplements.

In dealing with all this, we have the fairly standard figure of approx. 80 million Evangelicals (26% of a 313 million U.S. population) in America (though others range from have an est 60-100 million), making up 26% of Prot. churches, which make up 51% of all churches in the US.

Then we have the standard figure of approx. 75 million Catholics which make up 24% of all churches in the US.

Thus the numbers between the two parties are close, but we have not worked at determining how many of each are pro life. In so doing it would be easiest to start by restricting each to whites, not because I am racist or seek to promote that  (I myself am a minority where I live) but because Blacks and Latinos typically vote liberal.

Not counting blacks would eliminate 6% of evangelicals (15% of blacks), and 5% of Catholics.

(Also, a 2010 study showed 12.5% of Protestant churches and 27% of other Christian churches (Catholic/Orthodox) were multiracial -

53% of black evangelicals and 35% of black Catholics say that abortion should be illegal.

Blacks constituted approx. 13% of the electorate in 2012. Black Protestants were 9% of the electorate, and Hispanic Catholics 5%

Latinos make up an est. 15% of evangelicals, and 32% of Catholics. 51% of Hispanic Catholics and 70% of Latino evangelicals say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases

Latinos account for 11% of the nation’s eligible electorate [2012], with 57% being Catholic.

Getting down to white Catholics and white evangelicals, 54% of the former and 64% of the latter say [2011-2012] abortion should be illegal in all or most cases.

Among all Catholics and evangelicals (racial stats not given) who attend services weekly or more, 58% of Catholics and 73% of evangelicals say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases.

Also, what 2013 polling shows is that only 51% of adult Hispanics say abortion should be illegal in most or all cases" even while being family oriented (i am sure there are differences btwn though). Other surveys have prochoice Hispanics even higher, and none were lower.

In addition, only a slight majority of 53% of Hispanic Catholics say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases, similar to white Catholics at 54%, which only matches the general public.

Moreover,  Hispanics make up at least  32% of Catholics, and 47% of Catholics btwn 18-29, thus foretelling its future voting

In contrast, Hispanics make up 15% of evangelicals, and 70% of Hispanic evangelicals say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases

Overall, white Evangelicals (23% of the electorate) voted 79%/20% Romney/Obama; Protestants overall (53% of the electorate) voted 57%/42%; black Protestants (9% of the electorate) and other Christian voted 5%/95%; Catholics overall (25% of the electorate) voted 48%/50%; white Catholics (18% of the electorate) voted 59%/40%; and Hispanic Catholics (5% of the electorate) voted 21%/75% Romney/Obama

See here by God's grace, the most extensive compilation (I know of) of statistics on the spiritual and moral condition of America, and its costs in lives, souls and money. Pray.

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